About The Company.


We specialize in building customized scalable database solutions to meet business needs. 


Customized Solution Development.


No two companies are alike.  What works for you may not work for someone else.  Why manage it with software that doesn’t meet your needs?—all of them. 


Software should meet all of your business expectations.  Pre-packaged software simply cannot take into account every circumstance, every situation.  This is solved by engineering the software from the ground up with your business model in mind.  Eliminate double data entry, forget work-arounds, identify problematic workflows, make your business work as efficiently as possible.  Our solutions are built specifically for you. 


Data Analysis.


No matter what size your business is, information is at its heart.  Whether it is knowing how well you are doing, what you can do to improve, or new ways to make your business grow, you need information.  And we can help you get it. 


Companies spend thousands of dollars every year collecting and storing information—about their past, about their present, about their competitors.  Few take advantage of this storehouse.  Within it are the secrets of success:  what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and who’s doing all the work.  Profitability, accountability, future trends… Many of the answers can be found in the data you already have.  Let us help you use it to its full potential.


Design Principles.


Simplicity.  We feel strongly that applications should be easy to use, ergonomic, and intuitive. 


A poorly designed application can make repetitive tasks a chore.  Why should it take five keystrokes when it could be accomplished with two?  Why force a user to reach for the mouse when a keyboard shortcut is faster?  Using colorized visual queues, think-ahead logic, and point-of-view layout concepts, our solutions deliver simple, yet powerful, applications.




We apply the same simple elegance in our pricing that we use in our development.  One hundred dollars per hour with a free initial consultation. 


Using RAD (Rapid Application Development) techniques, you’ll be surprised how quickly a fully functional application can be implemented.  Our by-the-hour approach ensures that you pay only for what you need, not some over inflated estimate.  With preset check-up times you’ll be guaranteed your money will not be wasted.




Most of our clients are in HealthCare or Academic practices.  Patient confidentiality is a must.  With full confidentiality disclosures and being HIPAA aware, you can be sure your data is protected. 

Recently our client base has been expanding to include mainstream small to medium sized businesses, as well.  Let our knowledge and experience help your company thrive. 


Contact Information.


Thank you for considering us for your company's needs.  Unfortunately at this time we are currently not accepting new clients.


Walter Niesz

Niesz Enterprises, LLC